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ABC Pavers

ABC Pavers

ABC Pavers are made of kiln-fired clay and are suitable for all floor areas around the house. This is also effective for urban spaces and landscape design. The clustered raster of the plains produce a natural, friendly athmosphere. The finely graduated colours provide wellness, the exterior changes into life space and looses its sternness. In the search for a sensitive dialog between nature and technology and for combination options in modern contemporary achitecture, natural and eco-friendly construction materials are gaining importance. Our clinkers are hard-kiln-fired to sintering from regional ferreous clay slate. At a temperature of approx. 1050°C a very hard clinker emerges, which can hardly hold any water and therefore is weather and frost resistant. The colour shades develloping in the kiln-fired are finely graduated and even vary within one brand.They are indicating the aesthetic quality of the ABC pavement clinkers. Their high resilience is the bestprerequisite for you being satisfied with your pavement clinkerfacing for a long time.

The exordinary consistancy of the ABC pavement clinker and its solid ecological characteristics point to its future potential. Yet aside from its amazing functional efficiency, the pavementclinker consistantly inspires garden architects and house builders to new design ideas with its colour and form variations.


  • Warm Look and Feel
  • Flexibility and huge freedom in designs
  • Long lifespan/ Sustainability
  • Colour Fastness
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Taking up and reusing